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Curbstone – Just one company affected by Navisite out of Thousands

This story is one of many that could be told surrounding the issues created by Navisite from a poor and unplanned datacenter move and migration.  This story comes from Ira Chandler of Curbstone.  Definately worth the read.


Curbstone is a small software company based in Greater Metropolitan Ball Ground, Georgia.  Population 783.  We sell and support software for the IBM Midrange platform AS/400 (aka iSeries, System i).  Our software is used by over 200 companies around the country to process credit card transactions directly through their AS/400s for retail, mail order, telephone order, and e-commerce.  We support the major authorization networks and banks in the US and Canada.  

Our customers include, Campbell Hausfeld, Rand McNally, Conde Nast, NY Life, American Racing Wheels,,, BYU, MIT, Columbia U., US Space and Rocket Center –, and many others.  Our dedicated support site, and our primary marketing site for the credit card software,, have been down for almost one solid week, since last Friday at 10pm.

The impact has been devastating.  Our customer pay for our support services on an annual basis, and we pride ourselves on GREAT service.  The primary means of support is our on-line Issue Tracker based from the site.  As our customers only occasionally have support issues, as each finds the site missing, we are getting frantic phone calls concerned that something has happened to our company.  Our support staff is now handling all support by phone, taking CONSIDERABLY more time than the efficient Issue Tracking System we have used for 5 years. has been a rock of reliability and trustworthy service for those five years, hosting at least 20 sites for us, with a total of maybe four hours of unexpected downtime over the period.  Alabanza and AtlantaVirtual had done a great job of providing excellent service.  Alex Whetsell from has been a trusted vendor and respected expert to guide us on our hosting needs.

Our marketing site being down is costing money.  We get almost 100% of our leads from our marketing site, and that has stopped for a week.  No telling what the impression is when customers go to the site and it is not there.  We had achieved a great Google Page Rank over the years and that must be deteriorating now that the site is off line for so long.

Basically, we look like idiots to our customers and prospects.  This will have a grave impact on our bottom line, as we have lost credibility in a market that demands the utmost in reliability, and have lost 1/4 of a month of leads…

We look forward to a class action suit against Navisite, so they can learn to use better judgment next time.  Of course, we will NOT be hosting there ever again, and are preparing to move all of our sites.  Duhhh.


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Community Thoughts on the Issues Surrounding Navisite

I have come across a number of articles and blog posts regarding the recent navisite datacenter migration of the Alabanza data center from Baltimore, MD to Andover, MA.  If you are unaware of this serious issue, make sure to take the time to find out what unreal items have taken place to over 175,000 domain owners across the world.

 Here is a list of links to articles on the topic.

Now, there are also numerous discussions among the major web hosting and web design community boards about this issue.

Of course, I could go on and on, but I definately wanted to get the news out that this is not a small event, and that there are still some sites that are down and not online today, 7 days later! 

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Navisite Datacenter Migration Update – 8:25 AM EST

The current issues that had brought down much of the progress that Navisite had made appears to be resolved, sites should be back up and working if they were working previously.  For our clients whose domains have yet to come back online, we are continuing to work with Navisite to attempt to resolve this issue.

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Navisite Datacenter Migration Update – More Problems – 8 AM EST

This is a new update from Navisite, there are new issues that have arisen and most sites are inaccessible.  This is an unfortunate revelation that we’ve received from Navisite regarding the status of their systemwide updates. 


As we were bringing more and more hosts on last night, we were creating a significant number of ARP requests on the network. The number of ARP requests is primarily due to the fact that we were still resolving name servers issues in part of the environment. The number of ARP requests ultimately overloaded the network which is why you were seeing instability.

In the process of troubleshooting the over utilization issue with Cisco, a routing error was made which has caused most of the environment to be inaccessible. We are working to reverse this change out with Cisco and will then work both the name server and ARP’ng issue.

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Navisite Summary Article at

Here is a nice summary article from TheRegister on what is taking place at Navisite.

Navisite, the US webhosting firm, is scrambling to fix an extended outage that is believed to have rendered tens of thousands of websites inoperable for more than three days. The company hopes to completely resolve the problem by Tuesday morning at the latest.

The interruption started Saturday as part of a planned move to replace a fleet of aging servers operated by Alabanza

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Navisite Datacenter Migration – Update – 8:20 P.M. EST

This is the latest email from the Navisite team to their clients.  Still an ongoing unworking network for their clients.  This started Friday night, now it’s moving to Tuesday and no resolution.


We would like to update you on the status of the migration. Our engineering staff has been working all day to resolve the remaining issues preventing all sites from becoming live. We continue to engage our full complement of engineering and support staffs to troubleshoot the balance of the issues and expect that all sites will become fully available shortly. We will provide further status reports as they become available.

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