Navisite Does It Again – Clients Offline

Clients of WorldFire Business Marketing and Services are currently offline of 3-4 hours for a blade server update at Naiviste.  I will update this blog as the updates progress.

Navisite simply does not understand the business they are in.  After speaking with Tech Support, I found out that 40-50 servers of former Alabanza clients are down for this “update”.  They are updating the firmware to the blade servers for “better performance”.  I just don’t understand, how a firm with the “expertise” that Navisite supposedly has constantly has server issues, constantly has to update various issues with these servers, and the updates always require the servers to come offline.

There is simply no understanding from within Navisite of the affect of these updates on smaller companies that cannot afford redundant hosting servers for their web sites.  Companies that are reliant upon high quality service and are not receiving it.

I can honestly say that I’m still an unhappy hijacked former Alabanza client.


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