Navisite Datacenter Migration Update – November 8th, 2007 – 11:00 PM EST

We now have more than 92% of the servers on-line and more than 95% of user domains live. Remaining servers are being worked on and are at various stages of resolution. We expect that the migration process will reach a steady state of completion during the night when 99% or more of the domains will be on-line. A small percentage of domains may still need additional work for individual issues and we will continue to address them. We expect this number to be very small and close to normal maintenance levels.

We truly appreciate your patience throughout the migration. We recognize your pain points and all of us have been working to fix these issues as our only priority.

While we have received complaints, we have also received compliments on our efforts.  We received some feedback that the new environment is working better than the previous one. Moving to a faster and better platform was the rationale for the data center migration, and we already are beginning to hear some positive news.

Our engineers are working throughout the night to bring all sites back up as soon as possible.


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