Navisite Datacenter – Affecting over 3000 merchants worldwide!

This is the first story in our line of stories on the affect of the poor handling of the datacenter migration from the Alabanza NOC to the Navisite NOC in Andover, MA.  Navisite needs to realize that not only did they affect 400+ hosting companies, and tens of thousands of clients of those hosting companies, but the outage had a reach well beyond their client base.

This story was sent to me by Tom Mahoney, Director of Merchant 911, an organization helping merchants prevent chargebacks from their credit card customers.


I’d like to add one of the less visible problems to the pot of
headaches the NaviSite Fiasco has caused.

I maintain a website for almost 3700 e-Commerce merchants that use
the site’s credit card fraud prevention tools.  These merchants
haven’t had access to those tools since Friday night.  I charge no
fees so I’m not loosing money other than a bit of revenue from
advertising, but these merchants depend on our site to help them
protect themselves against credit card fraud.

For a NOC to shut down servers to load them in a truck and cause 3 or
4 days of downtime without any notice is inexcusable.


 Tom really shows us how this situation had a far greater reach than many might have thought.  Thanks to Tom for taking the time to share his story with us.


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