Navisite Datacenter Migration Update – 1:00PM EST

Here is the latest update from Navisite regarding the datacenters move.


Our two primary focuses currently are to bring all of the name servers back online as well as collaborating with Cisco to correct high levels of ARPs on the network. As more hosts were being brought on line, a significant number of ARP requests were overloading the network, so we were tasked with resolving stability issues.

Overnight, we were troubleshooting and resolved name server issues many more hosts were being brought on line. This required a network configuration change in the midst of resolving specific DNS issues.

We have continued to hand off completed environments to clients – at a much faster pace. We are doing this across multiple environments so that we are satisfied that standards for Quality Assurance (QA) have been met. Routing issues were resolved by assigning dedicated engineers on a client-by-client basis to support the process.

A full complement of engineering resources have been committed to completing the overall migration and have been working around the clock to resolve overall service issues and to resolve specific problems. We did have some improved service-level commitments in mind that have included:

  • Improve the level of service you had been receiving by leveraging a significantly larger and deeper technical organization
  • Move you to a data center that will provide a higher level of scale, redundancy and availability
  • Migrate you from servers that 2, 3 and 4 years old to brand new equipment – both servers and storage that will allow you to scale your business

Again, we regret the circumstances and apologize for significant inconvenience and remain positive that the long-term decision to migrate will ultimately be in our collective best interests.

And, we will continue to update our progress.


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