Call for stories…Navisite / Alabanza Hosting Clients…

We are looking for stories of the issues hosts have seen with this transition of Datacenters from Alabanza to Navisite.  If you have a story, please send your story to and we will condense these and begin to post the wide range of reach of this issue, as well as the individual stories of problems for companies affected by this situation.

Feel free to also reply to this post to comment on the issues and stories you have from this move.



  1. Our Support Site and Product marketing site have been down since Friday 22:00 hours. This is costing us real money, as we are missing leads, ticking off customers who have paid for web-based support, and unable to get our PHP apps working on the few sites that ARE up. They changed the PHP.INI settings.

    The word, as of 01:45 is that:
    “We expect to have it up by 4am, but we are tied by issues with our datacenter. There are 250 zone files that were missing on this unit alone (the server that Curbstone uses) that are being hand written by the remote staff in Andover. Progress is fast, but so many servers makes it appear sloooooow!!”

  2. Blogger dude said

    Having read over 100 articles about the fiasco, one thing that I have yet to read is the lack of redundancy for these sites running a business. This whole thing is a poster child for Disaster Recovery and if you run a business on the web, it’s inexpensive and in your best interest to have a second ‘location’.

    If these businesses are so critical and so dependent on one provider why is there only one way to reach the site? Why no DR plan? You can’t tell me a well run company builds in a single point of failure, or doesn’t have a Plan B (inclusing NaviSite).

    The more interesting story here, at least for those of us in the technology world is why these businesses, knowing that there is a major move coming, doesn’t plan for the worst case scenario? Can you really tell me that these 165,000 sites and the people who run them don’t know how to set up a blog, a Yahoo email account, or another store (REDUNDANCY) for a week a month or whatever? What is the cost of that – $100?

    I have 6 email accounts. Because I’m that cool? No, It’s because I want people to be able to reach me from the two blogs I run for free, the numerous postings I leave other places, and because I do not want a single point of failure for my ‘business’.

    It will be interesting to see what happens if anything from a class action lawsuit. Did the outage happen during a maintenance window? What does their contract say? If a company is out $10,000 for this and their hosting fees back to Alabanza we $50/month, and the outage was part of a scheduled maintenance window and per the CEO people were working 24×7, then the only ones getting a check are the lawyers…

    Peace. Out.

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