Navisite Update, Sunday November 4th, Servers Still Down

We would like to update you on the status of the Alabanza Platform migration. At approximately 7:30 AM EST, the netblocks were brought online and routing traffic to the new platform in Andover. Shortly thereafter, significant network instability was encountered and the netblocks were removed.

The design of the platform is such that significant LAN traffic is generated. As you know, there is a portion of the platform that is being shipped from Baltimore to Andover, and a review of the network traffic is showing an extreme amount of packets destined for servers that are not on the network.

A team of Network Engineers is provisioning an interim solution while the servers are in transit from Baltimore to Andover. The ETA of the servers still in transit is 5:00 PM EST and the interim solution is targeted for 12:00 PM EST.


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